Tuesday, March 25, 2008

the sling

the walk home
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This post has been a long time coming.....the sling....
Purchased in the fall of 2003 when I was about one month pregnant, definitely the 1st purchase I made for the coming baby. Our friend Callie had taken me to the much loved Common Gorund Fair in Unity, Maine. I was walking through one of the stands and found a sweet and lovely woman totting her little baby around in this fantastic pouch. Mom and baby looked so happy and content, I had to purchase one. They sold me. When I brought it home that night, Chris tried it on and put his "Chris Doll" in it, we were so excited to use it! We brought it with us to Milo's birth and all that happened in that saga, we were able to do the one thing we wanted which was to walk Milo home in the sling....which is the lovely title picture with Chris here.....
The sling than became a constant.....truly a third arm. It went with us everywhere, all over Portland, airports, grocery stores, the beach, to Philly and more. If I didn't have the sling I felt lost....awkward...
the sling maker @ common ground faire
The next year Chris and I toted Milo up to the Fair and were very happy to see Amber who I purchased the sling from the previous year. I am so happy to have this photo!
We toted Milo around in it till he was almost 2 yrs. old and by that point he would walk most places. I was sad to tuck it away in the closet but hoped one day to pull it out for our next little one.
sacred meets profane
In the meantime, my friend had a little lovely & she borrowed the sling for a while....& than I needed to get it back when I had Nate...it was like a homecoming. I love this sling & Nate loves it too....

I went online to try and find Amber yesterday so that I could buy my dear friend a sling of her own and I was digging up photos for her gallery on the website. It is featured in so many of our favorite pictures and has become such a part of the memories of our babies. It feels like a heirloom to me, some fabric that I hope to pass down or use with my grandchildren one day....
We chose to use a sling for different reasons...convenience and ease but most importantly to keep our little ones right up near our body and hearts....where our little ones should be....it just feels so very right.....

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bunny ears

Bunny ears
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hey look, can you believe it....something crafty! that i made!!!! & actually photographed!!!! I made them last year....but it still counts!
I have been crafting recently & do have some photographic evidence to show.....
the bibs....
new chickie bib
3 new bibs
happy easter! must go & finish the potato salad, yum!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

just because

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oh dear me....I could not help myself from posting this photo....he is to me, like chocolate in human form....I simply can't get enough of his plump little self!