Thursday, January 31, 2008

catching up

For Christmas this year, my love got me a gift certificate for my online wet dream
its been heavenly legs ever since. The quality is superb, I am happy to report...I found them linked from one of my favorite clothes bloggers here at Some Girls Wander
Here is a bit of a crafting report from the holidays...better late than never, I say...

The hat was made by Milo for Nate. He sewed it on the machine, with a little help from me. He loves using the snippers. Nate looked awfully cute in it as well....The elf clogs were made by me, pattern courtesy of all sorts. I unfortunately did not get a photo of him decked out in his gear.....but that only means more elf clogs for next year!
Next up were some fun favorites that didn't make it out in time for Christmas, but have finally made it to there respective families in Maine.
I would like to introduce the Aguiar and Leavitt families. I had such fun with Milo making these little people. Modeled after our friend's families and complete with a little case embroidered with their names. I had thought to make the pouch into the shape of a home, perhaps in the future. I was feeling a bit pressed for time, as usual.

And last, but certainly not least the little man himself. He has recently found his hands and started drooling everywhere. Hands in mouth when he can get them there...or he uses me as a chew toy.....if Nate is anything like Milo teeth are sure to be here soon....
He is quite a pleasure, as always.

Friday, January 18, 2008


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Whilst hiking last week in Fairmount Park in the Wissahickon Valley, we stumbled upon the "Indian on the Hill" To locals here he is known as Tedyuscung, but as the handy placard noted, he is a nameless indian watching his tribe push westward for less populated lands (aka William Penn tricked them out of there land.)
It was a banner day finding him....along the trail back the crick (Philly speak for creek) there are many such landmarks; the red covered bridge, devil's pool, the falls.....
I had searched for him before, but I think my mistake than was searching in the summer while the foliage was much denser. In the winter (if you could call it that) it was much easier.
All is well here in small child land. I still can't believe I have 2. Whoosh.
At the moment the baby calls me forth to nurse and its quite hard to blog one-handed. The boy is somewhere in the house, I am sure up to no-good at all. He is angry that I commandeered his seat to write this blog post. I had to mention that it was "our" chair not "his chair"....
Happy Friday!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Rachel Brice in the Blue Mountains dancing to Beirut's Prenzlauerberg.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

enjoying the weather

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This past week it was in the 60's here in Philly and we celebrated with hike's a plenty. It was amazing to be out enjoying the sunshine and it gave me an opportunity to photograph Nathaniel in lovely outdoor lighting...yippee!
One of our goals this year is to hike early & often. Its sadly exciting to be enjoying a mild winter. Last year was brutal....snow and ice, living in a small Maine town with snowstorms into this year I will happily great the warm weather even if it doesn't necessarily feel, "right"....
Crafting Update:
Even though I haven't posted a craft sincec October, I have been crafting abundantly....for Halloween this year, Milo requested a green dragon....and this is what I came up with....
milo's halloween costume
The pants, lord help me, were my first time sewing with a jersey fabric...there was much cursing involved, finally after discovering the right tension-stitch went ok....
the rest were an "ikea hack" of sorts, the patches on the shirt and pants are from ikea cushions and the head & tail were a stuffed dragon that I cut apart. I opened up the head of the dragon and added a stretchy gusset made from the excess sleeves of the shirt to keep the head was a good gamble b/c he actually kept it on. For the tail I just attached a fabric belt and tied it around his waist, it had a nice effect of puffing up, making the tail stick out...twas cute. I was all up for giving him the wings....but he didn't want them.
All in all, I thought it was a charming costume....he definitely pulls off a dragon's behavior perfectly!