Friday, May 28, 2010

green gods

Raising the dead through traditional blogging, or what I like to refer to as "old shit fridays"

and without further ado,
a poem, circa 2004

We were once full of green, green grass
& we grew up into trees & clouds, iron gates
we belched mountains & tripped boulders
over our shoulder at high noon
& told the birds our names in
slow, soft whispers -- tweet, hush
when they perched on concrete fountains
& waded in still rain water

we dreamed yesterday
a 76 bus
the opened roads & unloosed us on the world
our little time machin
a tooth, a hair, a sugarcone

Thursday, May 20, 2010

figuring out the tripod

I haven't taken any new photos today and thought perhaps I would be inspired by some old ones.....and these two popped up. In 2002, Chris and I were working on a video while living at Brezina in the Czech Republic. We had just gotten the tripod and were playing around, when this first shot was taken.

I am so worn out today and feel so old, but looking at my 25 yr. old self, pre-children, smiling....I felt a bit of whimsy and it made this tired old ma smile.
And this second photo....I don't know why I like it so. The placement, the odd look on my face, I know I am trying to figure out the tripod, perhaps Rina in the background ambling through the field, the sky and clouds....

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

the score

went to a house sale in lansdowne

 but by the time we got there, all they had was gone
but than I remembered I had seen a sign, for a church sale

 so we stopped and piled out, hoping for the best, and low and behold....
it was a splurge, hat boxes and dishes, aluminum sugar canasters
  vintage sweaters and dresses, books and ceramic wall ballerinas,

feathered hair bands and vintage kitchen contraptions galore....
the biggest score of all, a red bag complete with a shiny baton....