Thursday, March 26, 2009

a few good things....

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Yesterday a few good things happened...

1-I opened my Etsy Shop, Santa Lucia's Eyes & Ends and stocked up with some recent vintage finds.


2-The new Hausfrau came in the mail! YAY! I am happy to report that it features all writing and cartoons by the Hausfrau....not that I don't enjoy the other writers that are featured, but she sure is the star. I also had a call the other day from a friend in Portland who went to see the Hausfrau! One woman show at the Portland Stage Company . Another reason to wish I was in Maine. So any folks up yonder reading this, the Hausfrau show runs until April 11.

3. The weather was mild yesterday and Milo and I worked in the yard together, cleaning brush, hacking away some branches and enjoying our stolen time together while Nate napped. He sure has been sassy lately, that little Nate and it was nice to get some much needed time in with my bigger little.

Hope everyone is enjoying their day....tis rainy here and I have noses to wipe...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Chris Doll gets a new Quilt

The Chris doll and a cozy quilt
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Making a doll quilt has been on my crafting agenda for quite some time now....but I never seemed to get around to it. Nathaniel has been really into babies lately and playing with The Daddy Doll, as pictured. So, I decided it was high time I got that quilt made. It took about an hour for the construction and than I hand sewed the binding, cause I hear that works best. My hand stitching is so sloppy though, but I do love the result. I believed Nate does as well. The quilt even prompted my Mom to bring over my wooden doll cradle....very sweet indeed.
I also made another one for a dear Miss B. who is currently very into dolls right now & has a new living little doll at home. That quilt was in pink and green hues. It left the house before I had a chance to photograph it....ah, well.

In a funny crafting side note...
My studio is located on the third floor of our home. My sister-in-law kindly offered to watch the boys this past Saturday for a few hours so Chris and I could get sometime together. Well, we both were really itching to go about our projects and I promptly headed up to the studio. Before Chris went down the street to work on his new car, he came to visit me on the third floor. We chatted for a few minutes and than left. About 20 minutes later I tried to go downstairs and realized that he locked the door to the third floor from the outside and that I was trapped! I pounded on the door, called out the no avail. A part of me was excited to be locked up there, I don't often get time to myself to sew....I was really enjoying it....but another part wanted OUT! I did see my neighbor in her yard reading a book, but didn't want to disturb....I could hang in there, I knew he would be back....finally 2 hours later, I decided to go out onto the roof and throw stones at the garage roof, thinking perhaps he was in there tinkering....than I heard him coming down the driveway....we had a good laugh, many jokes about Mr. Rochester and his wife Bertha in the attic. I couldn't complain terribly...last year I locked Chris out of the house in his socks with no coat in March....he had been helping us out to the car and I shut the door behind me....oops!

cabinet creakies and the show down kid

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the littliest key
is a hot ball of sass,
we are waiting for a third cold
to quickly pass

a new car has come
1968 VW fastback

Spring teases.

Gram marches on.

Milo step forward and back doing a dance of rounds and rights.

I tread water, look onward to Spring.