Thursday, October 07, 2010

one morning in Manayunk...

Stumbled upon a little street with some brilliant sunflowers
next to this church near Terrace Street
on the way to this yard sale, that had an absolutely amazing match book collection

later I found myself in St. John the Baptist
and thought of my Nanny, as I always do when I'm there
thought about babies
and baptism
and walked the hills, heavy with child, in the warm September air

late summer ketch-up

Photo of the boys outside of Albrecht's Garden Center last month. Those leaves were unbelievable! We headed to Albrechts to get supplies for our Fairy Gardens, pictured last amongst this collection.
These are photos from Chris' Afternoon pARTy for his birthday in late August. We had a bit of a gallery showing of the guests art work. We also had a giant art table set up outside for those feeling the itch to create while there. The kids really enjoyed all the making and creating. We even had some badass cupcakes compliments of Holly....

the fairy houses sadly didn't make it through that storm that passed through last week. The fairy's have requested some work be done on their homes.....much to do!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

why I am a lucky Mama....

 Ophelia Jane
 Nathaniel Charles
Milo Christopher

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Completed lots o' stuff for the baby....nesting is still happening but winding down. Finished burp cloths (top photo) and new Nappy Bag, which turned out pretty good. I did deviate from the original pattern but I like my changes. I did attempt this bag once before, adjusting to make it larger, and boy is it large. This one is more manageable indeed.
Also made a 2 new slings for Chris and I, but perhaps I will photograph them when the baby actually comes. Slings are much cuter with actual children in them.
But sadly, all this sewing sent my machine into slow mode. It may need a new motor. This morning I began stitching by hand.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Care to make a guess???



While perusing photos lately I ran across these two similar photographs of the boys....they look so much alike it took me a minute to figure out who was who....
care to make a guess???
I have officially been gearing up for baby mode.  Nesting has set in.  I actually put the changing table together today, tomorrow perhaps the bassinet???  Who knows what motivation this nesting will bring!
In crafting news I have finished a whole new set of flannel diaper wipes and am working on a few new slings from the Handmade Home book.  Hoping they come out okay.  Also had an excellent Target moment the other night.  Found the exact Moby Wrap I wanted in their baby section!  Hurray....I wanted a variety of different carriers this time, I definitely need options.  And sad to report our good old ring sling may only have a few rides left.
Here is our ring sling on its maiden voyage through the West End of Portland on our way home from the hospital....

13413 Beach Ave, Long Beach Island, NJ

Took a ride today to Long Beach Island.  Got to thinking about an old friend of the family.  Mark Scott.  This is a photograph of him sitting on the steps of what was once his home.  
To our surprise, this home no longer stands.  
Its been replaced by a larger, newer home.  
But what I remember most of this house is Mark.  The inviting brick fire place.  The butter churn, the scratchy couch.  The lumpy cots in the back room where you could hear the ocean at night.  

 Laughter and wonder.  Fishing on the surf, on the boat.  Eating seafood.  Playing in the sand.
 Mark's kindness and willingness to talk with me and tell me interesting things about this long stretch of island.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Backyard Love

Cucumbers from the Garden

Going into my backyard this morning put me in a major funk.  I feel like I worked so hard this year getting everything together and working hard to make it look nice and keep the weeds down.  Did the vegetable garden with bush beans, cucumbers, peppers and eggplant.  The herb border garden was looking good and well tended.  The pool was up and functional.  We even acquired a sandbox from Philly Freecycle.
Then the pool got a whole.  It got extremely hot here in Philly.  The weeds threatened to overwhelm.  The neighbors soaked the sandbox with their sprinkler.  I lost all my clothes pins.  We haven't mowed.
So, when I got out there this morning, there were no pins to hang the laundry.....and my very pregnant self just cried.  All that work for naught.  The yard was strewn with toys, weeds and bugs.  It made me want to weep.
Chris was the first to take action.  He picked the ripe cucumbers and brought them inside.  I promptly began cutting.  He started to fill the pool.  I began making myself a clothes pin holder.  Then we weeded.  I cut back the creeping vines and later mowed.  And the kids are happy again.
There is still much to catch up on, but I am feeling the love again.
Clothes Pin Holder
and yes, we do have a windmill in the backyard.  It squeeks.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Women with Children

I was going through photographs yesterday and felt inspired to put together some images of women with babies and children. Specifically mothers and grandmothers, but not limited too. Here are some that I choose. I am not quite sure what I want to do with them yet....but I felt really inspired....and realized how much these images made me happy....






little pig, little pig

I had some much appreciated and greatly needed time off this weekend, where I did a whole lot of was splendid. But, I did manage to paint this little piggy bank that has been with me forever. Nate has now claimed use of it, which makes me smile. My Mom received this as a gift for her baby shower when she was pregnant with me all those years ago.
Saturday morning I was feeling the itch to paint and I thought, what a great little muse. This piece will be included in the Keys' Family Art Show which will be taking place on Saturday, August 28th at our humble abode. More info to follow......
Also spent Saturday evening down by the Wissahickon Creek dining at the Valley Green Inn with my Mom, Aunt and Melanie.
It was a late dinner and dusk faded to night. A bit spooky but also wonderful...the food was great and the atmosphere just what I needed.
Photograph circa 2006

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So I have finally reached a knitting goal....after many years of knowing how to knit and purl....I faced my fears and went digging for a beginners knitting pattern for a hat. Using 4 needles (some useful online videos teaching me how to cast on to said needles) I managed to clumsily make my way through knitting a beanie hat for a toddler. In the photo my very sloppy first attempt hides behind my latest most colorful version of the same hat. I learned much from this dip into the unknown. First, just keep knitting. It doesn't have to be right the first time, but if you make your way through, you'll have a better handle on it the next time. Second, I hate while using the double ended needles stitches slide off and boom your dropping them....I need those cork things. Third, following a pattern wasn't as hard as I lead myself to believe.
So on with knitting. I think I have done 5 so far and am working on the sixth. Its quite relaxing....and I feel so accomplished.
Next attempt are mittens, only after I fill some hat orders for the winter. Nate and Milo have both requested this hat in black wool with green stripes.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Found the camera again, the real one...
and then even charged the battery.
and without ado, corners of my home.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Long Beach Island, a poem for Old Sh*t Fridays

4 o'clock
high tide
lugging big while buckets to the beach
fishing's better off of the surf
smelling sea salt on the air
white dunes looming
beach becoming smaller, smaller
Daddy's fishes larger, larger
Mommy sits on the flowered sheet
rubbing Ban de Soliel on her fair skin
I sit
waiting for the ocean to come
& grab me
I walk to the surf
and feel the smooth sand pull on my feet
feel the ocean moving me in
feel the tides
shifting me out to sea...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Photo Picks of the Day

Milo and I choose some photos to share with you today. The first one is of an albino snake found in some crazy little animal park that we stumbled upon between Ellsworth and Mount Desert Island, Maine. Milo says he likes its colors.
The second two photos are snaps from 2004 when Milo was a wee one snuggled in the sling. We went to a music fest on the Western Promenade in Portland & met up with our friends Josh and Michael. We were fortunate enough that fine evening to make a new friend, Oakie, the Oakhurst Acorn. Oakhurst is a local Maine Dairy.