Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So I have finally reached a knitting goal....after many years of knowing how to knit and purl....I faced my fears and went digging for a beginners knitting pattern for a hat. Using 4 needles (some useful online videos teaching me how to cast on to said needles) I managed to clumsily make my way through knitting a beanie hat for a toddler. In the photo my very sloppy first attempt hides behind my latest most colorful version of the same hat. I learned much from this dip into the unknown. First, just keep knitting. It doesn't have to be right the first time, but if you make your way through, you'll have a better handle on it the next time. Second, I hate while using the double ended needles stitches slide off and boom your dropping them....I need those cork things. Third, following a pattern wasn't as hard as I lead myself to believe.
So on with knitting. I think I have done 5 so far and am working on the sixth. Its quite relaxing....and I feel so accomplished.
Next attempt are mittens, only after I fill some hat orders for the winter. Nate and Milo have both requested this hat in black wool with green stripes.

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