Tuesday, December 18, 2007

getting on with it and more Xmas fun...

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Big plans, my friends, I've had big plans for the holiday gift making....and I am only a smidgen there, with not much to show in the photo department. Only photos of this little nugget....
Being a Mom of two if pretty amazing, and I am loving that little Nate. Milo is the one who has been testing my parental prowess of late. He is three and testing boundaries at every turn. Nate's been a dream....thank goodness, even Milo thinks so.
Looking forward to showing of some goodies very soon. Hope everyone out there is having a wonderful holiday season....
Zoe, Nate and Cece
this is a photo of Nate with the "Lucia Girls" Zoe and Cece, sisters and the daughters of a very old friend of mine name Juno. They were in a festival this year, Lucia Fest at the Old Swedes Church here in Philly.....twas lovely!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


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I was very excited and pleased to welcome in our new little, Nathaniel Charles on November 5th....exactly three and a half years younger than Milo, born with a bit less difficulty and weighed 9lbs 130z. 21 inches long...
ah, sweet love, falling for another prince all over again......

Thursday, October 18, 2007


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This has been a very challenging pregnancy for me. We as a family took on many strains and met many difficulties on our journey. Still not quite "set" for the baby, we tread onward....I read this on a blog today and it resonated with me......

"This has really been a tough day for us. Lately it is as if God is alowing us to feel our total dependence on him. I know that this is a very important and valuable time but it is also hard. Maybe it is a bit what a pregnant woman feels when she is so uncomfortable as her due time draws near. She is carring a heavy burden that makes so many of lifes everday activities more difficult and awkward and yet she can bear with this hardship beause of what she has to look forward to. Similarly I know that there is some real beauty and wisdom on the other side of this valley we are walking through right now." www.studiobeerhurst.com

Lately I feel those that have passed walking with me, giving me they're strength...so that I know in the valley will be the beginning beauty of new life,
the complexity of a family growing
the blossoming of new love...

Monday, October 08, 2007

& a few dogs in the mix

Pillow Covers
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I was recently feeling the need to spice up my life with some new pillow covers. The rest of the house is a disorganized mess and I am working on pillow covers, yikes! The count down is on and I still haven't finished my nappy bag or my mei tai carrier. I did wake up the other night at 4am and cut out the straps for the mei tai, but have yet to put them together.....soon, perhaps....
I did happen to make it this friday evening to a fantastic art opening for a friend Martha Medeira....her work was fantastic, here are some of her paintings....

Martha's Paintings
SugarThis was Milo's favorite painting, "Sugar"
I was truly amazed at how the paintings conveyed the dog's personalities...they were lovely. Her work can be seen at The Regency Cafe in Lansdowne.
Also found out that it was Martha's Birthday today and whipped her up a gift that night when I got home....
Gift-eye glass case and card
Inspired by fellow blogger and former dance partner, Catherine aka Coco Latte....I constructed a lined eyeglass case with custom card. Hopefully Martha won't see this till it arrives at her home....
This weekend wasn't a loss for the craft finds at the yard sales either. Found a bundle of bias tape and ric rac for $1. and a bag full of vintage buttons.....I have to promise myself to finish the baby projects before starting on something else....but I have an inkling that won't happen.
Also found some fun love on the Martha Stewart website last week....if only I had know when I was in Portland.....SailBags.....

what I have been up too lately.....

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well, you got it folks, this is how I have been spending my free time...

Thursday, September 27, 2007


This is one of my first attempts from Amy Karol's Bend the Rules sewing book. It was given to my friend Holly for her 30th Birthday which we celebrated this evening. We had pizza from our favorite joint with "oh my mushrooms." They are canned and lovely on a super doughy sweet sauced pizza. Than after our indulgent supper we feasted on a Chocolate Chip Cheese Cake. Not just a cheese cake with chocolate chips in it, oh no. Its a layer of chocolate cake on top of cheese cake with chocolate chips, iced with chocolate frosting with cherries on top. Milo & I made the trek special this afternoon to this here bakery. A funny thing about this particular cake, I celebrated my tenth birthday with Holly eating the same kinda cake from the same bakery twenty years ago. I even have a photo somewhere in the hovel here eating that cake and celebrating. I will dig it out one of these days. Its amazing to think I have been so fortunate as to have a friend so long....Happy 30th Holly.
As for the clutch, I had a good time making it. Its quite sad really, but it takes me forever sometimes to wrap my head around pattern directions. Even if they are 4 steps and really quite straight forward. I would be happy to lay the blame on my pregnant mind and a three year old dog tormentor underfoot during the process. Now that I "got it" I will be spreading the artsy clutch love around. Can't wait really though to do that Elvin Hat!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

getting it in there, mate

I delay often in posting my craft exploits, I think its getting the camera out in time to actually photograph something before out it goes, last minute as usual....but this time I think I possibly delayed because I wasn't sure if I actually like my new curtain tie-backs I made a few weeks back....I am in love with the curtains, those Ikea lovelies....I must say its nice to be back to the city which house not one but two Ikea stores is quite nice. But I was unsure of the fabric choice for the tie-backs...I love the polka dots, but the flower pattern was definitely not winning me over. My fabric stash is still packed away and hard to get to at the moment, due to my present condition, so I chose what I could reach....what kind of crafter am I?
I am not much loving the photo either, I think its the ghastly air conditioner, but I thanked the gods for it this summer when I was sweating it up, oh yes indeed.
My other craft project I have been plugging away at is the baby wipes......they are coming along quite well and they are fun to make. The photo reminds me of another craft blogger out there one year ago doing much of the same....Jess's photo is much sweeter, I must say
I have a list of projects before a certain someone's imminent arrival.....there is the mei tai carrier, a little man's Halloween costume and a Nappy Bag
Also with the new arrival of this fantastic book which I am trying not to let occupy to much of my very short crafting time......
wish me luck!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

always a little late

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Went for a lovely walk this morning with Chris and Mr M. avec the dog and Milo took this photo of me.....
Just a funny little not, within the 8 block 1 hour time period excursion I ran into 4 different cousins all in different locations....gotta love home!
This is my contribution to last week's feet photo festivites....

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Back in the Saddle

sewing corner
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Just getting the sewing machine out again since May when I packed it up, and said "See you soon!" Little did I know that I wouldn't see it again till September. Its been a sad, hot summer for me with not much crafting to show for it. So this post, is a tribute to our pent-up creativity and craft mini explosion. detail
I'm happy to report that our beloved machine has been whirring away. Finally last week, with an encouraging project from my cousin, and inspiration from a busy bunny Jess, I set up the machine by the stairs in the living room and set upon making a gift for "T", Milo's cousin, whose 2nd birthday party was this past Saturday.
I posed the idea to Milo Thursday morning, told him to think about what could be fun to make and at lunch the same day he said, "We should make a Super Hero's Cape!" So off to the fabric stash it was....& what luck the right fabric for the project was right on top! With a few sketches we were off....or shall we say up, up and away....
I was very happy with how the cape turned out, Milo reported that for his he'd like softer material....but for my novice sewing abilities....I was very happy indeed....
Cape in Motion

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Monday, September 03, 2007


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"I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree.

A tree whose hungry mouth is pressed
Against the earth's sweet flowing breast;

A tree that looks at God all day
And lifts her leafy arms to pray;

A tree that may in summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair;

Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
Who Intimately lives with rain.

Poemas are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree."

Joyce Kilmer
from an Anthology of Modern Vers for Boys and Girls

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Summer Photo

This is my favorite photo from Goddess Gathering this year in New Hampshire. Lilymoonstorm fire dancing. Absolutely stunning.
I hope to keep regular with some blogging very soon. Its been a truly hectic summer and now that we are in our home and have reliable internet service I have no excuse but to blog. So to Saturdays and heading out the door for September Yard Sales and more to come!
Points of Interest:
Foxy's Attack on Iran

Monday, May 07, 2007

A Memory

18th birthday
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Sharing a bit about myself, going with a blogging theme. This photo is from my 18th Birthday series. My Mom has been pretty excellent documenting my life in photographs, this being a small example of her "work." She is known amongst family & friends for her birthday pictures, gathering momentum and clicking away with each phase of the birthday song and the pen ultimate blowing out of the candle. She really outdid herself with this particular photo. She captured my wish. To my 18 year old self I wished for the one thing that I truly, with all my heart, was willing to go without chocolate forever for...
I wished to fall in love.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

maine lover, birthday boy

Milo at Kettle Cove
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I choose to blog this old photo, to show one of the things I love about Maine. Kettle Cove. Quite little beach in Cape Elizabeth, a true cove and My Milo, My explorer. Making his way in the small waves and rocks, collecting and exploring....playing and making new friends.

Saturday will be his 3rd Birthday & it amazes me the person he is becoming. His sassiness, his friendliness, his cheeks, his imagination.......determination! He is "some kid"

Sunday, April 01, 2007

audrey's birthday gift

the gift
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A little post for a late night Sunday.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Popham Beach

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Went to the most beautiful beach on Saturday, absolutely stunning.........
There were some folks who had brought their horses to the beach for a walk. The horses really enjoyed rolling around in the sand. What a lovely sight, I really should have taken some photos of them, but Chris had the camera.

Went on an unexpected blog-break this past month. Still processing all the new developments on our family front. Looking forward to the changes but as usual, still some big goals to meet before we get to out new destination.

Milo has been amazing lately. His imagination takes me for a ride. His joy for spring is positively inspiring, if only I weren't so tired....

Friday, March 09, 2007


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well we have another cute baby to drool over..

and Jenna is starting to branch out..

a new baby?

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Eulogy for My Grandfather

Uncle Remmi and Pop
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Recently my Grandfather passed away. On top of an already particularly challenging year, this has been a real kicker. Pop and I were really close. Thankfully I was able to pull it together to write a eulogy, which I think he would like.
This one is for you, Pop!

I was blessed for many years to have lived with my
grandparents. They took me in and gave me
unconditional love and support, when often times I
proved hard to love. They stuck by me & gave me a
place to call home, meals, a warm bed and a
sympathetic ear. I am forever grateful.

Pop, especially, gave me much room to grow and played
a huge roll in helping me become the person I am
today. He let me say my piece and listened with an
open mind, giving advice in turn & more often than not
leading me down the path where I than could recognize
my own folly. He encouraged me in my endeavors &
listened to my grand thoughts and feelings. He did
not judge, would only mildly disapprove and gave me
trust, that eventually I would work it out. I
remember once he asked me to cut his hair, but I was
afriad. He told me it would be okay no matter how it
turned out, just try it. It was that quiet yet
encouraging support which he gave throughout my whole
life, that helped me let go of my fears and move into
the future with strength and conviction.

The most treasured of gifts I've ever received is from
my Pop and Nan. Like Pop's name, they gave me a "Ray"
of light into the knowledge of their lives & the past
which surrounded & is the sum of us as a family. Pop
especially. In the mornings, I'd often wake up bleary
eyed and miserable, showing up at his kitchen table to
eat a bowl of cereal. He was quiet, but more often
than not, he'd tell a tale, his legend.
This poem is about that bit of legend that I was
fortunate enough to hear.

On the second story - of a front room
overlooking Green Lane, he was born
into legend.
A boy defying gravity & swimming with the
warm mill water from the rivers, building
rafts & ditching skools of fish
to float amongst the Main St. Matinees.
As a boy, eating peanut butter
from the jar that was always set
upon the kitchen table,
for whenever hunger came -
he was lucky, you know
for his Pop had a job with the automobiles.
In the summer they pitched a tent
on the beach in Jersey,
cooking, playing in the sand dunes
asleep near the waves tumbling at night -
he remembered
his father coming to visit on the weekends
to dole out the weeks supply of food
from wooden crates -
he grew amongst the sun
into corn fields of upstate
where they grilled the corn in the husk
the chickens running from unskilled knives.
I can imagine him on a rope swing, his
feet leaving the muddy ground of boyhood.

Jumping into the pond
where he met his mate for life
A girl who was never allowed to roller skate
whom he liked besides,
because she could dance,
& dance they did
to Have de Grass, Maryland
sent there by his mother's phrase
& a long came a marriage
where they danced the Tango, the twist & turn,
the Marangue, the Tarantella & at times the
Waltz coupled with the occasional Mashed Potato
marriage to fatherhood,
the steps laif by those who came before.

He found his way with the jobs on trucks
& back with the fish amongst the
river - where flood waters rose deep at times
threatened to swallow
but than, receded
& the five & he & his gal
mambo'd their way
to Conarroe Street
where cars went much slower than,
he used to say.

Where truth became legend, that
he passed on to us
through stories & cigarette smoke
Sanka with sugar, the whistling kettle calls
with Chesterfields & Zippo clicks

His chair, his perch
amongst the trees - the window his movie screen
he told tales of lightening coming through
the front door
& how Santa & his reindeer lived in the moon
He told us how Nan might have fell in
the pen & perhaps we could just get that
pound of twenties
& if you asked for anything, well
his name was Ray
& it was nice to meet you.

our spam blogg Busted!


shocking news

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov
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Wanting to think of happier times and more pleasant things, I did a search through my photos and came upon these beauties taken in Cesky Krumluv, my favorite Bohemian city.
Wanting more of the magic that lies there, I stumbled upon their website, go and partake of its beauty.
I particularly like the photos by Lubar, and was happy yet saddened to see that Jan Saudek is having an showing of his work there this month, ah......Hope all is well on your ends, just enjoying the melt-down.
Cesky Krumluv

Sunday, February 18, 2007


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Made with the best of intention last month, please meet Milo and I's Goldbug. Based on the Richard Scarry storybook character, Goldbug is my very first attempt at making a softie without a pattern. Please note the crazy length of his arms. Oh my! Milo seems to enjoy him, lets see if he lasts the test of time!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

what I love

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belly-to-belly time with Milo
photos of brides with little girls
Dancing, dancing, dancing
dancing & friends
sailor boys
more bellies
more belly time &
Cadbury Mini Eggs, oh my!
& the coming season of the egg

Monday, February 12, 2007

a find of all finds

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Lately I have been keeping far, far away from any thrift stores and fabric shops, & its been difficult. After the move, I could not possibly justify buying one more piece of fabric, regardless of how inexpensive or original. This weekend my resolve wore thin. I have been aching to try out local thrift shops and the like, but honestly haven't really had the opportunity until yesterday while in Augusta.
It was brilliant. The linen section was chock full of old vintage sheets and curtains. I even stumbled upon my first vintage quilt. Its a little tore up in one corner but definitely workable. I was so excited to have found it, I feel like I am really in Maine now when I make a find like this!
I also found some great sheets and a nifty washcloth. The little chair is for our doll house.
We also spent some serious quality time in the studio this weekend. Its been great & Ieven managed to finish up a few valentine cards. That is what is on the sewing machine in the photos below.
More to come for this week, now that I have found the camera charger.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Stephen's Free Library

Stephen's Free Library
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This building always fascinated me as a child. It was once a library which my mother and father both visited as children & than was turned into a residence in the early seventies. I used to play in the yard as a child with all the other neighborhood kids. Located in Manayunk amongst the row homes and narrow streets, it was one of the few places which had a grassy lawn. Whoever lived there never minded that we played, walking along the wall outside and as a teenager, trysting behind in the shade.
It tickles me to think that its still there on Krams Ave. My aunt Barbara who lived down the street has since moved. My grandmother who lived up and around the corner has sold her house and passed on. Even the church across the street,with its beaten graves, is locked and closed to the public. Manayunk, altogether has changed so much. All the families who made this place a neighborhood have moved up and out. Now traveling the streets there are few faces I know. But it feels good to know that the library is still there.
Maybe once day I will even get to go in...

"This is the information I found on the Stephen's Library.
The William B. Stephens Library on Krams Avenue was established by the family of a wealthy Manayunk mill owner (date undocumented). It closed in 1969 and its foundation was transferred to the Roxborough Library. That foundation continues to purchase most of the materials for Roxborough Library to this day. "

I imagine that this is not a terribly interesting blog post. But I promise more soon. Tomorrow I am going to meet Yana at the studio and start setting up our stuff. I can't wait to get to some sewing. And perhaps I will even find the camera charger and start taking some photos of our new digs.
Good weekend to all.......

Friday, January 26, 2007

Saint Lucy

Saint Lucy
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Last Sunday, while I was back in Philadelphia, my Mom and I took a little trip back to my old gradeschool, Saint Lucy's. My goal was to make it into church so that I could see the statue that has made such an impression upon me. Here she is, and yes, those are her eyes on a plate. Here is some more lovely history of Saint Lucy.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

for Uncle Joe

Uncle Joe
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Chris' Uncle passed away yesterday. This photo was taken this summer while at the family shore house in New Jersey. We had a great time that weekend.
Our last night there, most of the "adults" (Chris' aunts and uncles) had left, Uncle Joe had stayed. We ended up having this amazing thunder storm, which we watch move around the pennisula and over the bay. We lost our electricity. The younger kids loved it, and the thrill was exciting. We even had a dance party when the electricity came back on.
dance party from above
The memory of that weekend is truly a gift. We are so glad to have the photos. It going to be a hard week.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

open: 2 friends meet on a train platform

Sue & Jenna

Recently Sue sent myself and our friend Bea an email about two friends that met in High School and how with a small gesture and an offer of friendship, changed their lives entirely. Sue had said it reminded her of how she & I had met. Bea wrote back and asked where we did meet and Sue sent back this story.

Well, Jenna was sitting on a bench at Rosemont station, having just missed the train. A few minutes later Sue arrived on the scene. She sat down on the same bench as Jenna and turned to her and said "Just missed the train, huh?" (she could tell because Jenna, smoker for several years, was still out of breath from her mad dash to the train.) "Yes " said Jenna in her polite, yet "I grew up in Philly and we boo Santa Claus" way. Not detered in the least, Sue then, (still high from being allowed into such a prestigous college as Rosemont and determined to make new friends in her best "I'm from Jersey, but don't hold it against me" way) turned to Jenna and said "Oh, we're going to be friends!" Jenna then looked at Sue with that wary Philly eyeball (you know the one you give those crazy homeless people at 30th Street station and asking for your last quarter) and said "Yeah Right" Sue, knowing that she really was crazy (afterall, the gallons of Aqua Net inhaled during her Mall rat, Big-spiral permed hair faze, had to have effected her, although at the time perhaps it gave her a quick buzz) and having once been homeless for three weeks herself, took this as conformation.
The two have been best friends ever since.

That accurate depiction definitely made my day. Thanks Sue.
& we live happily ever after.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

key card

key cupboard
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Still all quiet on the northern front. We are waiting to hear back from our perspective digs in a northern town. As a funny side note I found the most excellent apartment in Portland. Complete with yard, garage, tub and lovely landlord. If only we decided to stay, but I do believe we are going north, my dears.
I received a check in the mail this week for selling 18 of my cards over the past two months. I am very excited. My first money from my own creations. It feels really good. So on with the positive and more new cards. Here are some of my new favorites for Valentine's Day.
blackbird and bell