Friday, February 09, 2007

Stephen's Free Library

Stephen's Free Library
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This building always fascinated me as a child. It was once a library which my mother and father both visited as children & than was turned into a residence in the early seventies. I used to play in the yard as a child with all the other neighborhood kids. Located in Manayunk amongst the row homes and narrow streets, it was one of the few places which had a grassy lawn. Whoever lived there never minded that we played, walking along the wall outside and as a teenager, trysting behind in the shade.
It tickles me to think that its still there on Krams Ave. My aunt Barbara who lived down the street has since moved. My grandmother who lived up and around the corner has sold her house and passed on. Even the church across the street,with its beaten graves, is locked and closed to the public. Manayunk, altogether has changed so much. All the families who made this place a neighborhood have moved up and out. Now traveling the streets there are few faces I know. But it feels good to know that the library is still there.
Maybe once day I will even get to go in...

"This is the information I found on the Stephen's Library.
The William B. Stephens Library on Krams Avenue was established by the family of a wealthy Manayunk mill owner (date undocumented). It closed in 1969 and its foundation was transferred to the Roxborough Library. That foundation continues to purchase most of the materials for Roxborough Library to this day. "

I imagine that this is not a terribly interesting blog post. But I promise more soon. Tomorrow I am going to meet Yana at the studio and start setting up our stuff. I can't wait to get to some sewing. And perhaps I will even find the camera charger and start taking some photos of our new digs.
Good weekend to all.......

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