Tuesday, September 30, 2008

hi-ho cherry-Os

Milo at work painting cherries
Originally uploaded by zavodk.
So I bought this game, Hi HO Cherry-os at a yard sale this summer & it was missing a few of the cherry-Os. So Milo and I decided to make some cherries of our own. Paper Clay came in quite handy and some red paint & now we can continue on with our cherry picking....
I was really digging these pre-painted cherries, very interesting...pre-painted cherries
and our finished product...

Sunday, September 28, 2008


spanish doll
Originally uploaded by zavodk.
Once upon a yard sale I stumbled upon this doll. She comes from across the ocean, where she was nestled in a tiny courtyard on a crisp evening,

keeping her wits about her & her castanets in hand,
castanet detail
she tilted her head,
lifted her skirt,
let the bows on her shoes shimmer in the candlelight
& began the dance
doll legs
& with one gallant yelp....
"Viva Zapatero!"

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Welcome to Philadelphia

Wanted to give a warm welcome to Wendy and wish her well on her Philly adventures. Wendy posted a few photos of her room here with us on her blog, celery's green.
Its been lovely having her here with us and jeesh, Milo is beside himself with joy having a new friend.
Tonight Wendy and I enjoyed a Rita's Water Ice Gellatichocolate, vanilla and cherry....yum! Its exciting to share some of what I love about Philly ..... the fringe fest, & discover some new events.....Soapbox Derby.
Viva la Wendy!
(photo credit-Wendy; which is a great shot! Reminds me I need to take some photos of our lovely home......perhaps studio shots soon?>)