Wednesday, December 03, 2008

what I have been up to...?!?

what-a-mess coal mine
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I've had this idea for a project since last year about this time. With all the lead toy scares, I wanted to contribute handmade toys into our Christmas and also to those locally. My goal was to get some local crafters together and start a collective which would showcase the artisans work, support local artists and also a portion of the proceeds would go toward lead education.
It didn't get off the ground last year, with Nate being so young & I came upon the idea pretty late in the season. Than this summer my friend Juno and I chatted about it, and decided to give it a go...but we were waylaid by life...
So while chatting recently with a local store owner, Ali, I told her my idea & thankfully she was all for it! So I bustled up some enthusiasm and tried to contact local crafters of handmade toys to sell at her shop over the holiday season. Happily Juno turned up with some goods, and I managed to get some bean bag sets there as well as, (although not for kids) some bird hat pins. I still have some more things I need to finish for the store and also for my etsy shoppe, Santa Lucia's Eyes & Ends....So if you live locally, come check out some of handmade goodies at Bohema located at 6152 Ridge Avenue...
A word on Ali and Bohema, she is wonderfully supportive of the local arts & artists and also fundraising, please check out her store...and remember this season to buy local, buy safe!
I am still searching for a local lead education organization to donate the money too....if anyone has a suggestions, pls. leave a comment...I became interested in lead safety when I was pregnant with Milo and living in Portland with all its old apartments shellaced with years worth of lead paint. I became involved with Lead Safe Kids in Maine and worked on passing a law the obligates landlords to give sufficient notice to tenants when a repair or renovation is going to take place in their building. (We had issues with that while living in Portland).....
....I will post soon some new handmade goodness and am looking forward to opening the etsy store this do check back, ya hear!

Monday, December 01, 2008

as fast as lightning meets the garden gnome

the gnome
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Halloween has come and gone, true, but I never got around to blogging those pesky costumes!
Nate charmed us all with himself as a garden gnome, inspired by The Gnome Book. Red felt Hat, Belt, pants, tunic and wool felt beard even the boots which were a bit small....all proudly made. It was my first endeavor into a shirt and I must say it didn't go so bad.

Milo was "As Fast as Lightning" for his costume. He was inspired by a little video game character, who had no name and not much by the way of costuming except that he was a silver ball with a face. There was no way Milo would have gone for wearing anything bulky so I improvised with this....he didn't seem to mind.

inspecting the candy.....

posing for a group shot with the cousins on Halloween night. It was a lovely fall season indeed!
Johnny Five where are you?
We also went to a Halloween Party and Wendy and her date Josh joined us.....johnny-five where are you?
the drummer and dancer goofing off
Chris and I goofing off before the party....
and a little Phillies fever thrown in! My Aunt and Gigi whooping it up the night the Phillies won the World Series....
thanks for back tracking with me...
maybe tomorrow I will post that Thanksgiving message I have saved...
I am truly one tardy blogger!