Monday, December 01, 2008

as fast as lightning meets the garden gnome

the gnome
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Halloween has come and gone, true, but I never got around to blogging those pesky costumes!
Nate charmed us all with himself as a garden gnome, inspired by The Gnome Book. Red felt Hat, Belt, pants, tunic and wool felt beard even the boots which were a bit small....all proudly made. It was my first endeavor into a shirt and I must say it didn't go so bad.

Milo was "As Fast as Lightning" for his costume. He was inspired by a little video game character, who had no name and not much by the way of costuming except that he was a silver ball with a face. There was no way Milo would have gone for wearing anything bulky so I improvised with this....he didn't seem to mind.

inspecting the candy.....

posing for a group shot with the cousins on Halloween night. It was a lovely fall season indeed!
Johnny Five where are you?
We also went to a Halloween Party and Wendy and her date Josh joined us.....johnny-five where are you?
the drummer and dancer goofing off
Chris and I goofing off before the party....
and a little Phillies fever thrown in! My Aunt and Gigi whooping it up the night the Phillies won the World Series....
thanks for back tracking with me...
maybe tomorrow I will post that Thanksgiving message I have saved...
I am truly one tardy blogger!

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