Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Recently made some sweet pants for a new little moon baby & yesterday was fortunate enough to meet her.
Being in there home during their baby moon brought back wonderful memories.
What a time it is after your first baby is born. Your now looking at life through new eyes. The world's axis has shifted. A part of your heart has left your body & you have to begin living life with that odd new feeling.
& oh boy are you tired.
But there is magic in the sleepiness. Wonder in the utter perfection of your baby.
What love.

Many Blessings.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


On our latest bottle dig, a friend found a jaw with teeth still intact.
We had wondered when we might find someone's long dead pet. That day we had also found a few ribs, my guess from a pig.

Besides perturbing the neighbors with our digging, we had a lovely picnic. It was a warm & lovely day.

Hodge podge

Working with clay

Her creation

Skate box

The "tabernacle" or Our throne of games.

@the sewing machine repair shop.
I had to go in to find a replacement belt. Lucky for me they had some real eye candy there. A whole collection of toy machines. Was doubly lucky that day. I installed the new belt on the machine myself. Happy to report I was sewing by that evening.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Reaching high heights

He has always managed to amaze me
Consciously climbing
With dexterity and monkey abilities
I am in awe
My own inner child rejoices
For him.

I am excited
To watch him reach many more high heights.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Here in Maine, feet can get awfully cold. & shoes awfully wet. Some kindly people have a welcoming basket of footie slippers by the door to keep your feet nice & toasty while visiting.

In January I had the pleasure of visiting a friend and being reminded of that hospitality. I was bent on making some Footies for us! And I figured it out. Hacking up another pattern, watching Dowton Abbey and knitting away. I finished the first slipper by the end of January. Milo promptly claimed it and slid around for the month in the one while I made slow progress on the second, but tonight, I pulled it together and finished. A little uneven, but definitely lovely.
Now, since I have an idea of what I am doing, I can outfit the family in a more fitting and toasty pair. Just in time for Spring?!?

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Feeling summery

Although its still winter here in Maine, I am feeling the summer groove & with that, I am in the mood to outfit my little lady with some warm weather attire.

Here is another swing reversible smock dress....

She has red buckle shoes for this one. I love the cream fabric with flowers on the one side. I saw it at Mardens & snatched it right up.

Next we have a very special accomplishment for me....sleeves. Although they look uneven in this photo, I assure you they are even & attached, my very first.

Trying to get my very busy toddler to pose for a photo was hard indeed. She loves this summer tunic & wanted to put it on right then and there. Melts the cockles of this Mama's heart, I am telling you.
Fabric from Home Remedies right here in Portland.

Definitely more to come in the making department. This is too much fun.