Saturday, March 10, 2012


Here in Maine, feet can get awfully cold. & shoes awfully wet. Some kindly people have a welcoming basket of footie slippers by the door to keep your feet nice & toasty while visiting.

In January I had the pleasure of visiting a friend and being reminded of that hospitality. I was bent on making some Footies for us! And I figured it out. Hacking up another pattern, watching Dowton Abbey and knitting away. I finished the first slipper by the end of January. Milo promptly claimed it and slid around for the month in the one while I made slow progress on the second, but tonight, I pulled it together and finished. A little uneven, but definitely lovely.
Now, since I have an idea of what I am doing, I can outfit the family in a more fitting and toasty pair. Just in time for Spring?!?

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