Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Feeling summery

Although its still winter here in Maine, I am feeling the summer groove & with that, I am in the mood to outfit my little lady with some warm weather attire.

Here is another swing reversible smock dress....

She has red buckle shoes for this one. I love the cream fabric with flowers on the one side. I saw it at Mardens & snatched it right up.

Next we have a very special accomplishment for me....sleeves. Although they look uneven in this photo, I assure you they are even & attached, my very first.

Trying to get my very busy toddler to pose for a photo was hard indeed. She loves this summer tunic & wanted to put it on right then and there. Melts the cockles of this Mama's heart, I am telling you.
Fabric from Home Remedies right here in Portland.

Definitely more to come in the making department. This is too much fun.

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