Monday, August 11, 2008

what the ?*&!

Just wanted to add this tid-bit from work today. One of the Doctors asked what my name was, and I when I told him, he said, "Jenna, like the President's daughter. Good, I really like the President." Geesh! Like the President's daughter my ass. Of all people to be associated with! To say the least I was highly insulted. Now when I see that particular doctor all I am going to think is, President Bush & his slag daughter.
On another note....tis only a few days to Goddess
& I figured out what Nate is going to be for Halloween. No dishing as of yet.
Happy Monday, ya'll.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

"All mixed up with the Making and the Baking"

Bend the Rules Bib
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Hello there dear ones,
I am sorry to be so late in posting. Its been summer here, which has meant many long afternoons in the park, some little trips and a bedtime that is stretched and stretched like the frantic elastic mama that I sometimes am. Truth be told I have been enjoying the boys soo much that they are waring me out by the evening when I finally get them to bed, I am just to pooped to post...
I have managed though, to get some crafting in...with still a long list to go, indeed...
so without further ado, another Bend the Rules Bib, for a neighbor, who named her new little girl, was endearing and a little wrenching to hear the name, we have been planning a "Lucy" twice now...
& the second creation, the gnome hat, another Amy Karol pattern. I had to adjust it a bit, but it came out cute...
Nate in the Gnome Hat
gotta run, Nate awakes!