Saturday, September 12, 2009

haircut retrospective

When Milo was just over 2 years old, his Dad gave his bangs a "trim." I remember the day pointedly. Watching those two walk off into the bathroom, sure I said to Chris, cut his hair. I almost went in, but stayed put. He came out with this cut. Chris said he "sneezed" Now which one sneezed I don't know.
Milo 2 years, Before
Milo 2 years, After (the sneeze)
Nate also recently had a similar haircut. Which prompted me to post this. I was looking at how similar they look and also how funny it is that this happened right around the same time for them. (I was not there for Nate's cut and don't really 'know' what happened. I only know he was 'hot')

Nate, 21 months, Before (he got really hot)

Nate, 22 months After (he got Hot)

I feel relatively guiltless in both these cutting incidents (I wasn't even in the state for Nate's cut). They both look so darn cute. But where the blame really lies is in my choice to leave them like this. I still can't bare to cut their hair.

Friday, September 04, 2009

park life

images from our most recent adventures.....seems as if September has brought us out into the parks again. the weather is loverly & the company is fine.