Saturday, September 30, 2006

salvation fabrics

salvation army find, originally uploaded by zavodk.

At 2 for .99 cents who could resist. I absolutely love the pink and white checked that came complete with its original tag 1 1/2 yards of yumminess!
I look forward to what they will become.

a corner of my home....the sewing area

work area, originally uploaded by zavodk.

This is my sewing corner and in the past three months it has become my favorite part of our home. I get to display my works in progress & look at all the fun crafties and little notions of goodness, yayh!

It wasn't until recently that I really started to sew & it has been such a great outlet for my cloistered creativity. I am a poet by habit & have been since the age of 10, but since I had a baby 2 years ago my way with words has taken a vacation. Honestly I don't really think that I have the capacity to form a proper sentence half the time (which I do apologize dear blog readers) Working with something tactile has been really amazing & freeing. Making pretty things that are functional and fun has made me so elated.
I am also happy to put to good use the sewing machine my mother-in-law gave me 3 1/2 years ago (thanks Pat!)

the fabric stash

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

saint lucy school-self portrait Tuesday

School Uniform, originally uploaded by zavodk.

One proud moment, last year in May, I fit into my 8th grade uniform. This is a photo of Milo and I from that moment.

10th Birthday Craft Love

gift for Tiffany's 10th Birthday, originally uploaded by zavodk.

My neice Tiffany's Birthday was August 15th & being perpetually belated, I just recently got her gift together. She is really into crafting with her mom, they even have a craft room with a chalk board wall in their new house. For a gift I thought crafting was an appropraite theme. On top of a Vintage Nancy Drew novel, I picked up some Sublime Stiching Patterns(dainty days & winter wonderland), jeweled colored embroidery floss, a hoop, one purple tape measure, Felt needle case (with needles) compliments of, muslin & 3 cloth napkins ready for embroidery & a doggie fabric card for the girl with the new dog. Also included but not pictured here, a pin with the slogan, "10 Year Olds Are Terrific" which I got for my 10th Birthday.
Ah, the memories of being ten. Bad hair, a wretched divorce & clouds. I remember so many clouds when I was 10. I have a feeling that 10 will be much better for Tiffany.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Jean & Deborah

Jean & Deborah, originally uploaded by zavodk.

Jean is my Grandmother, the one on the left.

What are the 4 main streets of Philadelphia?

My grandmother's bawdy joke would undoubtably make me a blog name.
For Jean Kahny (nee Muth) this one is for you!