Tuesday, September 26, 2006

10th Birthday Craft Love

gift for Tiffany's 10th Birthday, originally uploaded by zavodk.

My neice Tiffany's Birthday was August 15th & being perpetually belated, I just recently got her gift together. She is really into crafting with her mom, they even have a craft room with a chalk board wall in their new house. For a gift I thought crafting was an appropraite theme. On top of a Vintage Nancy Drew novel, I picked up some Sublime Stiching Patterns(dainty days & winter wonderland), jeweled colored embroidery floss, a hoop, one purple tape measure, Felt needle case (with needles) compliments of www.patternbee.com, muslin & 3 cloth napkins ready for embroidery & a doggie fabric card for the girl with the new dog. Also included but not pictured here, a pin with the slogan, "10 Year Olds Are Terrific" which I got for my 10th Birthday.
Ah, the memories of being ten. Bad hair, a wretched divorce & clouds. I remember so many clouds when I was 10. I have a feeling that 10 will be much better for Tiffany.

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jess said...

Yay, I love my needlebook you gave me today.. so very sweet of you! And thank you for all of your support, so good to see you!