Thursday, September 27, 2007


This is one of my first attempts from Amy Karol's Bend the Rules sewing book. It was given to my friend Holly for her 30th Birthday which we celebrated this evening. We had pizza from our favorite joint with "oh my mushrooms." They are canned and lovely on a super doughy sweet sauced pizza. Than after our indulgent supper we feasted on a Chocolate Chip Cheese Cake. Not just a cheese cake with chocolate chips in it, oh no. Its a layer of chocolate cake on top of cheese cake with chocolate chips, iced with chocolate frosting with cherries on top. Milo & I made the trek special this afternoon to this here bakery. A funny thing about this particular cake, I celebrated my tenth birthday with Holly eating the same kinda cake from the same bakery twenty years ago. I even have a photo somewhere in the hovel here eating that cake and celebrating. I will dig it out one of these days. Its amazing to think I have been so fortunate as to have a friend so long....Happy 30th Holly.
As for the clutch, I had a good time making it. Its quite sad really, but it takes me forever sometimes to wrap my head around pattern directions. Even if they are 4 steps and really quite straight forward. I would be happy to lay the blame on my pregnant mind and a three year old dog tormentor underfoot during the process. Now that I "got it" I will be spreading the artsy clutch love around. Can't wait really though to do that Elvin Hat!

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H-Dog said...

It was a perfect send off to my 20's. Thank you for everything.