Tuesday, September 25, 2007

getting it in there, mate

I delay often in posting my craft exploits, I think its getting the camera out in time to actually photograph something before out it goes, last minute as usual....but this time I think I possibly delayed because I wasn't sure if I actually like my new curtain tie-backs I made a few weeks back....I am in love with the curtains, those Ikea lovelies....I must say its nice to be back to the city which house not one but two Ikea stores is quite nice. But I was unsure of the fabric choice for the tie-backs...I love the polka dots, but the flower pattern was definitely not winning me over. My fabric stash is still packed away and hard to get to at the moment, due to my present condition, so I chose what I could reach....what kind of crafter am I?
I am not much loving the photo either, I think its the ghastly air conditioner, but I thanked the gods for it this summer when I was sweating it up, oh yes indeed.
My other craft project I have been plugging away at is the baby wipes......they are coming along quite well and they are fun to make. The photo reminds me of another craft blogger out there one year ago doing much of the same....Jess's photo is much sweeter, I must say
I have a list of projects before a certain someone's imminent arrival.....there is the mei tai carrier, a little man's Halloween costume and a Nappy Bag
Also with the new arrival of this fantastic book which I am trying not to let occupy to much of my very short crafting time......
wish me luck!

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Jess said...

nice wipes : ) i realized in retrospect i really only needed to make them 1 ply and pink the edges... also.. 6X6 was plenty big. still using them nearly 1 year later! worth the effort!