Sunday, September 09, 2007

Back in the Saddle

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Just getting the sewing machine out again since May when I packed it up, and said "See you soon!" Little did I know that I wouldn't see it again till September. Its been a sad, hot summer for me with not much crafting to show for it. So this post, is a tribute to our pent-up creativity and craft mini explosion. detail
I'm happy to report that our beloved machine has been whirring away. Finally last week, with an encouraging project from my cousin, and inspiration from a busy bunny Jess, I set up the machine by the stairs in the living room and set upon making a gift for "T", Milo's cousin, whose 2nd birthday party was this past Saturday.
I posed the idea to Milo Thursday morning, told him to think about what could be fun to make and at lunch the same day he said, "We should make a Super Hero's Cape!" So off to the fabric stash it was....& what luck the right fabric for the project was right on top! With a few sketches we were off....or shall we say up, up and away....
I was very happy with how the cape turned out, Milo reported that for his he'd like softer material....but for my novice sewing abilities....I was very happy indeed....
Cape in Motion

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Jess said...

yay! i was waiting for your return to blogging! i want to see belly : ) thank you for your nice comments. send me your address when you have a moment too...miss you guys!