Thursday, January 11, 2007

key card

key cupboard
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Still all quiet on the northern front. We are waiting to hear back from our perspective digs in a northern town. As a funny side note I found the most excellent apartment in Portland. Complete with yard, garage, tub and lovely landlord. If only we decided to stay, but I do believe we are going north, my dears.
I received a check in the mail this week for selling 18 of my cards over the past two months. I am very excited. My first money from my own creations. It feels really good. So on with the positive and more new cards. Here are some of my new favorites for Valentine's Day.
blackbird and bell


Kevin Gardella said...

my heart hurts to think of a Portland without you. Adventuring is important though. We love you nomatter wear you are.

H-Dog said...

Can I buy a 4:20 one for V-Day?