Saturday, January 06, 2007


Chris and I are contemplating a move north. We have been thinking of moving from Portland for a while and recent occurances have been motivation. First, Chris had the most miserable, awful, disgrace of a day at work on New Years Day. our current neighborhood. I am tired of living across from "Mobile Masterpiece Theatre." Our new neighbors above us have, I do believe, been filming adult videos loudly about twice a month for till 5 in the morning. Unfortunately their "stage" is right above our bedroom. Third, the Property Management Co. and the complete nimrod that s the president of the Management Co...I could go on, but I don't want to dwell. Its time.
SO while perusing the rental ads, I stumbled upon a little town about 45 min. above Portland that advertised an apartment + artist studio space included in the low rent, with all ammentities included. We immediately made an appointment to see both the apartment and studio. Geoff, the owner, was great and met with us the next afternoon. The apartment was okay but the studio space was amazing. In the center of town, located in an old dance hall with 15 foot is great. Its huge. We are definitely sold on the studio space. See photo above, which does not do the space justice at all, its quite bigger than it looks.
Now what to do about the move?
When we left Philly we wanted to be in a more rural small town setting. Portland is definitely small town. About 64, 243 people, which is comparable to Roxborough/Manayunk, my town back home. After having lived here, I am craving smaller.
Opinions are welcome....

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jess said...

that is so awsome! i would love a studio space..or even a corner. my craft table has been sacraficed so we can have a kitchen table : ( living in the country would be great.. goats , gardens, space..mmm heaven. sad to see you guys go but happy in the same breath.