Sunday, January 14, 2007

open: 2 friends meet on a train platform

Sue & Jenna

Recently Sue sent myself and our friend Bea an email about two friends that met in High School and how with a small gesture and an offer of friendship, changed their lives entirely. Sue had said it reminded her of how she & I had met. Bea wrote back and asked where we did meet and Sue sent back this story.

Well, Jenna was sitting on a bench at Rosemont station, having just missed the train. A few minutes later Sue arrived on the scene. She sat down on the same bench as Jenna and turned to her and said "Just missed the train, huh?" (she could tell because Jenna, smoker for several years, was still out of breath from her mad dash to the train.) "Yes " said Jenna in her polite, yet "I grew up in Philly and we boo Santa Claus" way. Not detered in the least, Sue then, (still high from being allowed into such a prestigous college as Rosemont and determined to make new friends in her best "I'm from Jersey, but don't hold it against me" way) turned to Jenna and said "Oh, we're going to be friends!" Jenna then looked at Sue with that wary Philly eyeball (you know the one you give those crazy homeless people at 30th Street station and asking for your last quarter) and said "Yeah Right" Sue, knowing that she really was crazy (afterall, the gallons of Aqua Net inhaled during her Mall rat, Big-spiral permed hair faze, had to have effected her, although at the time perhaps it gave her a quick buzz) and having once been homeless for three weeks herself, took this as conformation.
The two have been best friends ever since.

That accurate depiction definitely made my day. Thanks Sue.
& we live happily ever after.


keyes123 said...

this brough back the menmory school bus summmer camp 7yrs old seeing Pam ,scared we stuck together and have beeen best friends for 44 years pat

suezq223 said...

God, I miss you so much
Love you