Tuesday, January 02, 2007


pedaling fast
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This year Rob Brezsny, my all time favorite astrologer gave me this lovely predicition:

"Though millions of other people may be flirting with glamorous badness and crafty nastiness in 2007, I bet you'll have a minimal attraction to negativity, no matter how interesting it might allegedly be. Drama kings and drama queens may try to seduce you into the crazy chaos they stir up through their addiction to pain, but you'll be pretty immune to their temptations. Seemingly reasonable people might hope you'll buy into their gloom and doom, but you'll be too smart for that. Congratulations in advance for your determination to be free of the stupid suffering that so many people love to entertain themselves with."

& with that I just feel like I must keep ahead of all the negativity that skulks (is that a word?) around. So I am making this photo my reminder to keep ahead, keep pedaling. This year, perhaps, I will stop choking on what I want myself to be and just be it. Fill myself with joy & be who I am, whoever that woman is. Take the lesson from my little buddha and just be....learning and growing.

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