Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Backyard Love

Cucumbers from the Garden

Going into my backyard this morning put me in a major funk.  I feel like I worked so hard this year getting everything together and working hard to make it look nice and keep the weeds down.  Did the vegetable garden with bush beans, cucumbers, peppers and eggplant.  The herb border garden was looking good and well tended.  The pool was up and functional.  We even acquired a sandbox from Philly Freecycle.
Then the pool got a whole.  It got extremely hot here in Philly.  The weeds threatened to overwhelm.  The neighbors soaked the sandbox with their sprinkler.  I lost all my clothes pins.  We haven't mowed.
So, when I got out there this morning, there were no pins to hang the laundry.....and my very pregnant self just cried.  All that work for naught.  The yard was strewn with toys, weeds and bugs.  It made me want to weep.
Chris was the first to take action.  He picked the ripe cucumbers and brought them inside.  I promptly began cutting.  He started to fill the pool.  I began making myself a clothes pin holder.  Then we weeded.  I cut back the creeping vines and later mowed.  And the kids are happy again.
There is still much to catch up on, but I am feeling the love again.
Clothes Pin Holder
and yes, we do have a windmill in the backyard.  It squeeks.

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