Thursday, July 22, 2010

little pig, little pig

I had some much appreciated and greatly needed time off this weekend, where I did a whole lot of was splendid. But, I did manage to paint this little piggy bank that has been with me forever. Nate has now claimed use of it, which makes me smile. My Mom received this as a gift for her baby shower when she was pregnant with me all those years ago.
Saturday morning I was feeling the itch to paint and I thought, what a great little muse. This piece will be included in the Keys' Family Art Show which will be taking place on Saturday, August 28th at our humble abode. More info to follow......
Also spent Saturday evening down by the Wissahickon Creek dining at the Valley Green Inn with my Mom, Aunt and Melanie.
It was a late dinner and dusk faded to night. A bit spooky but also wonderful...the food was great and the atmosphere just what I needed.
Photograph circa 2006

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