Monday, August 09, 2010

Care to make a guess???



While perusing photos lately I ran across these two similar photographs of the boys....they look so much alike it took me a minute to figure out who was who....
care to make a guess???
I have officially been gearing up for baby mode.  Nesting has set in.  I actually put the changing table together today, tomorrow perhaps the bassinet???  Who knows what motivation this nesting will bring!
In crafting news I have finished a whole new set of flannel diaper wipes and am working on a few new slings from the Handmade Home book.  Hoping they come out okay.  Also had an excellent Target moment the other night.  Found the exact Moby Wrap I wanted in their baby section!  Hurray....I wanted a variety of different carriers this time, I definitely need options.  And sad to report our good old ring sling may only have a few rides left.
Here is our ring sling on its maiden voyage through the West End of Portland on our way home from the hospital....

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