Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Chris Doll gets a new Quilt

The Chris doll and a cozy quilt
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Making a doll quilt has been on my crafting agenda for quite some time now....but I never seemed to get around to it. Nathaniel has been really into babies lately and playing with The Daddy Doll, as pictured. So, I decided it was high time I got that quilt made. It took about an hour for the construction and than I hand sewed the binding, cause I hear that works best. My hand stitching is so sloppy though, but I do love the result. I believed Nate does as well. The quilt even prompted my Mom to bring over my wooden doll cradle....very sweet indeed.
I also made another one for a dear Miss B. who is currently very into dolls right now & has a new living little doll at home. That quilt was in pink and green hues. It left the house before I had a chance to photograph it....ah, well.

In a funny crafting side note...
My studio is located on the third floor of our home. My sister-in-law kindly offered to watch the boys this past Saturday for a few hours so Chris and I could get sometime together. Well, we both were really itching to go about our projects and I promptly headed up to the studio. Before Chris went down the street to work on his new car, he came to visit me on the third floor. We chatted for a few minutes and than left. About 20 minutes later I tried to go downstairs and realized that he locked the door to the third floor from the outside and that I was trapped! I pounded on the door, called out the window....to no avail. A part of me was excited to be locked up there, I don't often get time to myself to sew....I was really enjoying it....but another part wanted OUT! I did see my neighbor in her yard reading a book, but didn't want to disturb....I could hang in there, I knew he would be back....finally 2 hours later, I decided to go out onto the roof and throw stones at the garage roof, thinking perhaps he was in there tinkering....than I heard him coming down the driveway....we had a good laugh, many jokes about Mr. Rochester and his wife Bertha in the attic. I couldn't complain terribly...last year I locked Chris out of the house in his socks with no coat in March....he had been helping us out to the car and I shut the door behind me....oops!

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Kevin Gardella said...

why jenna that sounds like a great time. i was locked in the basement holding a full container of disgusting liquid that had spewed from the heater. it was not at all a positive experiance but i am thinking that if i had some toys with me down there i would have made the best of it. i will have to stock the basement with beer and nuts in the future. I am missing all(pass along to chris i am feeling sleepy). do think of us as well. it looks as if you are having quite a busy time of it. I can't wait to have you over this summer. the new place is huge and we have fun toys and a yard.