Thursday, January 31, 2008

catching up

For Christmas this year, my love got me a gift certificate for my online wet dream
its been heavenly legs ever since. The quality is superb, I am happy to report...I found them linked from one of my favorite clothes bloggers here at Some Girls Wander
Here is a bit of a crafting report from the holidays...better late than never, I say...

The hat was made by Milo for Nate. He sewed it on the machine, with a little help from me. He loves using the snippers. Nate looked awfully cute in it as well....The elf clogs were made by me, pattern courtesy of all sorts. I unfortunately did not get a photo of him decked out in his gear.....but that only means more elf clogs for next year!
Next up were some fun favorites that didn't make it out in time for Christmas, but have finally made it to there respective families in Maine.
I would like to introduce the Aguiar and Leavitt families. I had such fun with Milo making these little people. Modeled after our friend's families and complete with a little case embroidered with their names. I had thought to make the pouch into the shape of a home, perhaps in the future. I was feeling a bit pressed for time, as usual.

And last, but certainly not least the little man himself. He has recently found his hands and started drooling everywhere. Hands in mouth when he can get them there...or he uses me as a chew toy.....if Nate is anything like Milo teeth are sure to be here soon....
He is quite a pleasure, as always.

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A Little Bunny said...

i LOVE sock dreams! they are the best place for socks ever..i want some leggings right now. turns out my ex boyfriends ex wife did the photography for her for a while..yes random but i got me some socks out of the deal :)