Monday, December 11, 2006


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Last week was full of big old scores in thrifting. I am in love with a few of these pieces and can't wait to dig in, yum! My favorites are a toss up between the 70's quilt print sleeping bag that Milo loves to hide in and the floral print in the back, that I ventured out into the snow the following day of the initial purchase & picked up the coordinating pieces, praying they'd still be there. I felt in touch with Soulemama & anxious and twitchy with her "lounge wear" entry a while back.

Milo and I wrote a letter to Santa today. He told Santa he wanted three things; a crane (check), Thomas trains (check) & a doll house....I damned near leapt with joy! Chris and I are actually making him a doll house of sort and its been in the works for a while. While thrifting I found this terrific box, that will be a perfect canidate for a doll house. Chris and I need to get cracking to have it done before Christmas. In September I managed to get some Ikea goodies for the holidays, and doll house furniture was one of the scores. I can't wait to play with it!

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erika said...

beautiful fabrics! all the thrift stores around my way are closing up shop :( I wish Sophia would get into dolls but it's just not happening.