Sunday, October 04, 2009

3 lamps & the musical frontier

Visited the Smith House last week. These photos are from their doll house. I love to see how the kids set up the rooms. I also cannot resist playing a bit there myself.

New loves this week....because I needed to find a new music love this week. WTF universe???? Its been a strange week.
So without further ado, meet This Frontier Needs Heroes. Enjoying their song Leopard Eyes.

My other sorta new to me favorite, Brown Bird. I've listen to their song David and Bathsheba many, many times this past week. I am enjoying his voice entirely. There is also a cello player in the band. I couldn't ask for more. Looking forward to their new album out this month.

This video has me a bit enthralled. Their harmonizing is divine and there is a bit of a change up / surprise about 3 quarters of the way in...sirens, indeed.

Also this week, my friend Josh started a blog....

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