Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Charles Prince of Wales Tote Bag

I am sure you are already acquainted with Charles. He is looking quite fine in this image reproduction on linen. I found him and the late Diana on a commerative dishtowel from their nuptials in the 80's. I have a very particular project in mind for Diana, but the Prince had me stumped! What to do with him?
Than it dawned on me a while back. My ratty tote bag for work needed a bit of sprucing up and behold! Now he cavorts around the hospital with me on my work days. Beguiling his admirerers in the lunch room winking in the nurses station.
Although I am no huge fan of the Royal Family, I am enjoying toting about my Prince Charles.

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Anonymous said...

Does he overlook your kingdom??

Thanks for last Sat, A had a ball and was so tired he fell asleep on the ride downtown