Saturday, February 19, 2011


Have had a head cold for what seems like forever now, but I am trying to part the clouds & come up with a semi-decent post.

But for now, a little on what I am loving....

***Last nights wind, the trees outback were swaying and creaking, I fell asleep watching Milo lying on his belly, with his face in his hands looking out the window in marvel of the power.

Ophelia in homemade tutu, photo courtesy of Nate Keys

***Loving the new Radiohead video.  Thom Yorke's moves are cathartic and lovely.  (New Alblum King of Limbs is available for download, which is a goody-goody gumdrops, indeed)

*** The beautiful warm air has brought us out of the house and into the mud.  Trying to embrace the filth and enjoy my rambuncious youth and their muddied cloths!

***The warmth has also been turning out all the good people of the neighborhood.  Filling parks and streets with strollers, carousing kids and wily neighborhoods pigs.

***John Irving's newest novel, Last Night in Twisted River.

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