Wednesday, March 02, 2011

finished business

In my thrifting travels I find lots of unfinished projects.* Cushions, quilts, cross stitch. I always ponder over them, whether or not to complete them for my own home, or will they just sit unfinished, waiting for me to find the time...
This above was unfinished crewel work cushion. When I picked it up 4 years ago, it was almost finished....I think the frog was the only piece left incomplete and than sewing the cushion and attaching the trim. Yet, it still took me that long to finish this project up! & in all honesty, it may have taken me all of two hours of work to complete. So here is someone else's unfinished business looking so nice on the couch. Its for Milo, who long ago asked me for it....Next up, something for Nate & Ophelia.

*(As I begin to clear out the studio, many of these have emerged & if your so inclined, leave a comment & I will get one to you !)

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