Sunday, June 26, 2011

bee balm

Bee Balm
Also known as Bergamot
when taken as an infusion
is good for many ailments
headaches, nausea, sore throats
to name a few...

as I sat in traffic,
with no directions, a crying baby & hungry boys,
already late for a party
& only a faint idea on how to get there
I started to weep
I brought my hand to my face
& caught the scent of it
which transported me to
the morning
where I sought a moment, alone
& went to our old garden
upon arriving I beheld
with great surprise
the bee balm that I had planted
last year
grown full & overflowing the narrow brick border
the honey bees were gathered
and busy, & although I was hesitant to disturb them
I felt compelled to pick a few
bring them into my world of toys and cooking

It was
the scent liongering on my
a true balm for my frazzled
weary soul

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