Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Fort Mifflin

We took a drive down by the river on Saturday, looking to explore Fort Mifflin. I am glad we did, it was a treat.
I was pleasantly surprised to find a moat surrounding the fort. It's ancient bunkers situated above the green crusted pond. Located next to the airport the planes flew low over the fort every few minutes.
Fort Mifflin was created during the Revolutionary War which makes it's brick caves quite ancient in American standards. The dark earth in contrast with the bright sunny day, left me feeling intrigued with the place. I caught snippets of hauntings told by a dressed in period clothing tour guide, who later did a weapons demonstration, when she fired a musket.
There was a feeling of just keeping it together there, from the staff and volunteers. Nothing was maned, you wander freely about. Most of the displays are rigged up, with an unfinished feel. & the groundskeeper mumbled to himself while I sat with the baby in the shade of a porch.
What I most enjoyed, was that you were free to explore, sit and enjoy the place. And we did, very much.

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