Wednesday, May 09, 2012


He turned eight this past week
& I still can't stop gazing at him.

This past lifetime I have become utterly altered.
No longer can I not feel the gravitational pull of
their heartbeats.

& it began with him.

& he grows.

Grows on and on
limbs extending,
hair growing and falling over his beautiful eyes.

and his legs
the never ending extension
of his youthful exuberance.

& he is serious.
& curious.

I can only ever hope to answer all his questions.

& right now, he loves me.
& it is easy.  So easy to be together.
To follow his whims,
to experience life & welcoming boyhood adventures.

& sometimes he likes to hold my hand.
But easy to let go,
and than come back again.

That is what I will hold onto
& take with me into these future lifetimes
where I will always feel the pull on my heart.

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