Wednesday, November 29, 2006

late november, la di da

Late November Crafting
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Some of the products of my most recent toil. More small fabric notecards for Christmas, some of which have been sent to Ferdinand. Also more details of the gift for my Mama.

Have been very excited recently to start decorating for Christmas, but just haven't plunged in, I have been to busy sitting on my heiner and reading blogs and the like. I best get to it, only one month in the season.

Found this little bit of writing titled "stolen moments before bedtime, ghosts"

Teacup Judy lived behind the bureau in the basement by the heater. She didn't care for small children. It was rumored that she didn't bother to haunt them when they invaded the cellar on rainy days. Instead she made the heater rattle louder than usual in hopes to send them annoyed to the upstairs living room for some afternoon shows on UHF. She once worked for a radio program and believed that what she heard through the floor was a soap opera like the one she portrayed as a secretary for a man called Carlyle Davis. She quite liked this and the echo of footsteps through the floor. In the evenings she sipped tea behind the bureau resting on a broken milk crate filled with old shoes. She like to peer out from behind the bureau on the rare occasions when the adults played billards. The only trace of Judy was her teacup which perched high on the windowsill. Neighborhood children would hunker down on the sidewalk and squint against the sun to get a glimpse of its pink flowers lined with gold sitting crookied on its saucer.

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jess said...

they look great! check out this blog about a local school she is trying to start up.. might be interesting..