Tuesday, November 21, 2006

the scarf and the boy

the scarf and the boy
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Was so excited to make Milo a scarf this year. Last year he probably wouldn't have kept it on but this year is perfect for a scarf. He is actually excited about wearing it. I was inspired by Milo's friend Zane who was wearing a little yellow scarf his Auntie had made him. My next endeavor is a hat....I have been trying to make a hat for my brother Brad for about three years, & this is the year its going to happen.
Recently I found this neat little group called the Art Scouts on Whip Up. I was always a bit chagrinned that I never got to be a Girl Scout. I loved the uniform, badges and crafts........this group would allow me to live out a long held fantasy. So in the spirit of the Art Scouts(although I haven't officially joined, yet!) I asked one of the kind ladies who volunteer at my work to show me how to knit a hat. Barbara was happy to oblige. I have my lesson before work next week on Wednesday. I find it difficult to figure out knitting without being shown. So I hope this works out well, & than I can knit some hats for the nursery at the hospital in turn for her kindness.

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