Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Bike Race, evidence that I am old

I have been pretty quite of late on this blog. I definitely didn't make it through the post a day in May....but I am still here....kicking it real...(I can't believe I just wrote that.) Its been a bit eventful around here, started back to work this past week, which was a bit unexpected. Its nice to be at work part time, but I miss my little. He has taken the growing this week leaps and bounds; sitting on his own, a new tooth and standing while holding on to something. He even called me "mama" He is just growing so fast & I am trying to enjoy each and ever moment. So mixed in with all that growing has been the start of a heatwave....we are in the midst of it. & this weekend was the annual Philadelphia Bike Race we live a block away from the route. The route that sits atop the infamous Wall The Bike Race here means throngs of drunken young people traipsing through the streets & this year especially they were minimally clothed. In my time away from Philly, I grew used few young people being around. In Maine, youngin's (18-25) left to stake there fortunes somewhere more promising & the ones who stayed, seemed to enjoy that the others left. Coming back here its a smorgasborg of bubbling drunken youth. Especially our town which is the Lenape indian word for "a place to drink" Welcome to Manayunk, Can I get you a drink? Check out this little slide or these party people.... This weekend is the neighborhoods peak of drinking. I used to be one of the revelers...& indeed I had fun. I was at the first Bike Race in 1985, a wee youngin' hanging out on the wall with my family, when virtually no one else was around. I contend that they were probably the Bike Race's first hardcore drinkers.... The Bike Race this year definitely brought home the reality that I am in my 30's with two small children. I had to slap on the sunscreen, hats for both the kids and could only stay out for a brief period of time, for it was too hot for the kids. & as for drinking....I will take a water please...
As a side note, its 11pm here & there are still drunken people wandering around. I just found a young couple on my stoop sucking face, they leapt up when I turned the light on! Geez, I just might very well be my grandmother!

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