Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Did I mention I made it to the Art Star Bazaar?

Celebration Candle
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Yes, in my perpetual tardiness I think I may have failed to mention that I made it to the 2nd Annual Art Star Craft Bazaar last Sunday here in Hotdelphia (yes, I know we are no Hotlanta, but it accurately describes this fair city)
I do believe fun was had by a few....
I met and purchased a small object, this here celebration candle.
Saw some friends over at Erika Ebert's booth
& hung out with some lovelies who provided a video expose of our adventure...
fun was had by all & it was wonderful to see such creativity and inspiration all around.
Since the Bazaar was at Penn's Landing along the Delaware River we got to see a boat safety exhibition along the river complete with a helicopter dropping off two officers on a barge while it was moving....

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