Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Button Hoard

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For years it felt like I searched for the right stash. Combing steamy summer time yards, porches and garages, dusky flea markets, church sales, searching and searching. I elbowed my way around the Portland Fabric Faire hoping upon hope that I was the lucky one who found that giant box under the table filled with a lifetime worth of buttons. I scanned the sales in the local paper every Wednesday my keen eye looking for that one sale where a sweet old lady just passed leaving behind her substantial button hoard as well as some key vintage kitchen items and if I am lucky some great old cotton fabrics. I searched those places in vain. I would come by buttons at sales, occassionally. Pretty blue ones, dainty pearls, all priced to break my yard sale bank. They were truly reasonable.... $1 button cards and the like, but I knew the deal was out there and I was on a hunt to find it.

I should have looked no further than my nearest and dearest neighbor.

Back in November, family friend and adopted grandmother Tiny, bestowed upon me a button hoard of great magnitude.

This hoard contains buttons from not only her private collection but those of my next door neighbor Judy's mother and another neighbor's Mother, a dear sweet lass from Ireland, and Tiny's sister-in-law Claire who passed last year. This is a collection of 4 different elderly ladies buttons. I almost wet my pants, really.

lookie, lookie

I haven't gone through them all yet. Its like a treasure sitting up in the studio waiting for me. There are some real beautys. Glass, wood, plastic, pearl, buttons dappled with patina, jeweled buttons, bone buttons....its a regular button galore!

I dipped into the button hoard for a friend last month. Searching for the perfect button to accompany a raw silk cuff that I made. I struck pay dirt finding one that complemented the shininess of the silk, but was worn enough with just a smidge of patina to give it a glamourous yet, bad ass kinda look....& it even went well with the recipients outfit! I am blessed.

My many thanks go out to Tiny for such a treasure. My hunger has been filled. Buttons Abound.

the button bin


Anonymous said...

My Mom has a huge container of buttons. some of my memories of being 4 and 5 years old were of me just sifting through the buttons. Some of the buttons go back to my grandmother and some of the cards from 1950 something.

You are right the cuff is lovely with a badass button LOL

Beth said...

I too have great memories as a child sifting through the bins of buttons at a local fabric store. Where have all the button bins gone? Nothing quite like the feeling of digging your hands into a cool pile of multi-colored, many shaped buttons...ahhh I'm jealous.