Saturday, January 31, 2009


As a bit of a diversion I thought I would post about a recurrent and very rare on screen love.  I have been really enjoying watching HBO's series on John Adams.  But everytime I slip in a disc, I am transported back to watching Rome and immediately get a little flutter for Titus Pullo.
Oh yes, the dreamy, hunky Ray Stevenson as Rome's Titus Pullo.  I can hear a gaggle of my aunt's talking about, how unbelievably hot this man is & I must concur.  I don't often fall for the glamour of big screen or television men, but I must give it up for him. He is a work of art indeed.  
I also love how his character is described, 
"A ferocious lover of life, possessing the courage and loyalty of a warrior, but the morality of a pirate.  A man of huge appetites and wild passions.  Impulsive, unreflective, optimistic, generous and brutal."
its like he inhabits the most steamy-est of novels.  

Its nice to be able to wallow in this frivolity! 

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Anonymous said...

Kinda like my "Mom's night out lasts only so long" crush on "ZACH", the dreamy tall dark man at McGlinchey's.
Your posts are so honest and unaffected, I like that.