Friday, January 23, 2009

long, long, long time

Originally uploaded by zavodk.
& in the evening-the moon would
hang over Casco Bay like a lemon pie
sliced with cream & slit & more
& our feet would meld in the sand
fingers clinking bottles and naught
& in the evening the cormorants call
& their feet lift off perches that ache
for them to leave - but call out
STAY in a long creaking groan
& we were in want of sun
truly in the cast off daze
in want of a meal-
in search of mussels cast on the rocks
in the bay the ferries cross quickly
& the tankers glide softly through the ink-like waters
we keep seeing the changes & the call
deep on our rocky borders-knocking-clanking
searching for cavernous openings
in which to penetrate with folly
we are the denizens-
who nightly roam the shores
washing away our evidential steps-
but keeping in constant pace with the night-
it is we
who hear the sirens call
who line the blackness with light


Anonymous said...

Your poetry is amazing

I need to see you soon. Can spring please be right around the corner.............. Pretty please.

Anonymous said...

"who nightly roam the shores..."
That's beautiful, dear neighbor.
See you tomorrow, I'm hoping.