Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Christmas Handmade Lineup

Hat for Brad
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I truly am a tardy blogger! Finally getting around to posting the Christmas handmade goodness. This here's hat was a special one for my brother Brad. I had promised him a hat, gee, like 2 years ago, and I finally got it done! I had originally started him a crocheted hat, but this is what I ended up giving to him. Definitely hipper than I ever expected.
Little Brother Brad in his new Hat!!!
This is Brad sporting his new "lid" on Christmas Eve. The brim was a little flippy-er than I had anticipated. But I think I used elastic successfully for the first time!
Wallet for Rich
New Wallet for my other brother Rich.
Crayon roll for Harry
inside of Crayon roll for Harry
Crayon roll for Harry.
inside of crayon roll for Talia
Crayon Roll for Talia
One for Talia too!
Pencil Rolls for Zach and Christian
inside of pencil roll
pencil roll for Will
& some pencil rolls too! They were really straight forward to make & I believe the recipients liked them as well. I made one each for Milo and Nate. I also made a mail bag and mail box for Milo. It was nice to make some gifts and not be stressed out either. Christmas Eve I actually enjoyed my time with the boys rather than rushing around. Even made some Almond Bark for the family.

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