Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Anger, part one

He melted down on the beach
Literally his mind steaming,
Face blotched and red,
Smoke pouring from the holes he bore in me with his eyes.

Each crash of the waves echoed
His smashing of rocks & boards on the sand.

He was letting me know, I don't like it. Not.at.all.

It was the beach. A new one to us. He hadn't realized when we left, we were headed elsewhere.

We paid the price, he & I
Doing an angry opera on the beach
Flaming mad at one another,
We scowled and screamed,

He climbed the rocks
Swinging a bit if rope like a whip
Letting his exhausting anger go

I let mine wash away through my feet,
Pour out of me like a sieve

I finally found him
Lying on the trunk
Of a tree, gazing out at the
I wrapped my arms around him and the trunk, told him we could leave now.

Defeated, he consented.

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capn' Keys said...

great anger poto