Monday, August 20, 2012


We set out early,
Milo found a yard sale in the neighborhood
And we all went.

Among many fun things they had
A bread machine, stellar art supplies & books
I stumbled on a sewing machine

You see,
My machine,
I have treasured.
A gift from Pat, whose no longer
With us
& being sentimental & all
The machine is important to me.
I learned to sew,
& create like I have never done.

But the machine has
Been worse for the wear,
The handle for the presser foot recently broke
And every time I sew
I am jabbed in the fingers by jagged metal.

Its crossed my mind
Perhaps a new one?

& low
There was one.
Undervalued by its owner
I got it for a song....
& with a bit of tweaking
By my hero above....
I was sewing by the evening.
How sweat it is.....

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