Wednesday, October 11, 2006

the Chris doll

the Chris doll
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Hello, I would like you to meet the Chris Doll.
The Chris doll came to my husband about 8 years ago while working at the Goodwill on Cumberland Ave. in Portland while he was in college. The funny thing is, he looks like my husband. See photo:
Hence naming him the Chris doll, or as MIlo coined him "the Daddy doll"

For many years the Chris doll has been floating around naked. He did have a cape for a while, but than that got tucked away somewhere else after Milo wore it on his first Halloween when he was SuperMilo. It has been on my to-do list for many moons to make him some clothes. Just recently Milo has been playing with him. The other night before bed we were even putting some of Milo's pj's on him which were way to big. Thus I felt I must make him some clothes!

I have been collecting some old clothes of Chris' just for the job. Well last Friday, I finally got around to it. One pair of tan courdoroys, one pair of plaid pajama pants and one green shirt that Chris has asked for a larger version. & here his is, pimping large and loving it in boot cut low rise cords!

I would like to point out I have no much experience making clothes and have never before done it for a doll. It has been a fun experience & look forward to making more clothes for this cute guy, perhaps a berret and pea coat? A jaunty crochet scarf? We shall see!

Also would like to use this post to give a big shout out and congratulations to Jess and Kevin! WOO-HOO!!!! Welcome Elliott!

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