Sunday, October 29, 2006

Stella the Maneater from Manayunk

As a little shout-out to Halloween, I happily dug up this little video! Oh what memories. Apparently Stella was from Manayunk, my home town, by way of South Philly. She had great cleavage and was super brave. Big shout out to Stella.....where ever your voluptous may be....

Also found this tid bit regarding Dr. Shock or Joe Zawislak, as people from the neighborhood knew him. I myself never saw Dr. Shock, but was regaled by tales of him & knew his house well. It sat on the tipy top of the Dupont St. Steps (see steps in Saturday Night Dead Opening) and had high lofty trees, spanning out over the hill, and there was room to move, unheard of in Manayunk. It was a single home with large windows & mysterious nooks and crannies on the porch. It was always a treat to see. Dr. Shock left behind many fans, one of which was my father, who turned up at one of my Aunt June's legendary Halloween Parties once, dressed in one of Dr. Shocks original designs. Apparently a friend of our family Jack, knew Dr. Shock well & had learned a few tricks from him, the result was astounding. My father was an unrecognizable wolf man, his face covered with fur....his brothers and sisters didn't even know him & he kept them going all night. I figured him out right away though, you see we have the same hands, even with the fur, I knew.

Happy Halloween. I have some crafties planned for the future, as well as Milo's Halloween Costume!!!

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